Essential Technique: Palming Survey Results

Palming Survey Results – 3/19/2008

Title of the online survey posted at this website over the last 3 weeks:

PALMING – What are your experiences?

Choose all that apply:
Raw Results


Palming is not helpful: 2%
Palming is somewhat helpful: 44%
Palming is very helpful: 35%


Palming relaxes me: 60%
Palming sharpens my vision, at least for a moment: 38%


I am unsure how to palm: 6%
I know how to palm: 65%


I can’t find time to palm: 8%
I palm rarely or never: 13%
I palm sometimes, not every day: 44%
I palm at least once per day: 25%
I want to palm more than I do now: 62%


1. Most people report that:

Palming is helpful 79%
Know how to palm 65%
Palm at least sometimes 69%
Want to palm more 62%

2. Only 1 in 50 people said palming is not helpful

The true number could be higher since 19% of respondents did
not choose one of the 3 levels of helpfulness in the survey.
It may be worthwhile for that/those person(s) to explore
palming further, but some people succeed with the Bates
Method without liking or using palming.

3. Only a third (37%) said palming sharpens vision

Ideally we want to get at least a brief flash of clearer vision
each time we palm!
Only 33% said that palming is very helpful.
Only 59% said palming relaxes them. By contrast, most people
find palming helpful in workshops, where we emphasize not
trying to do it right, and never straining to relax!

4. 61% said they want to palm more than they do now

Impressive that 25% palm at least once per day!
Only 8% said they can’t find time to palm
Only 14% said they rarely or never palm

5. Other Comments

Just 1 in 20 site visitors responded to the survey; the
sampling is likely skewed toward people more actively
practicing the Bates Method.
Please consider that there are a million ways to add strain
to this wonderful, relaxing technique. If you do not get at least
a short burst of clarity from palming, consider letting your
hands and fingers relax more, breathe more deeply, keep
looking for ways to drop your habitual strain patterns.
If you don’t find palming relaxing it will be of no use. So,
make some adjustments before you continue. It is worth a lot
to make yourself comfortable. Don’t multi-task! Read the other
articles about palming on this website and explore each of
the relaxing methods they discuss. Ask yourself this question:
“Why do I find it so hard to let go?” Wait for a real answer from
your heart, breathe, and try a fresh approach.
Want to palm more? Consider the option of palming frequently
for just a couple of minutes, several times through the day. Or
consider palming with one of guided palming or guided
visualization tracks on our CD programs.
Want to delve in to the art and science of palming? Again,
please try our CD programs which aim squarely at the question
how to truly relax. Or, get a copy of “Better Eyesight – The
Complete Magazines of William H. Bates” at and
try some of the suggestions. A much shorter but very thoughtful
and helpful book is “Help Yourself to Better Sight”, by
Margaret Corbett. Keep up the quest, follow your interest! Notice
how you pursuit of better vision bumps into every area of your
health… diet, stress level, fitness and exercise, emotional health,