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Relax your eyes and de-stress for the holidays! Join me for the complimentary video Webinar Dec. 13, 2018. Discover where you hold strain in your own eyes so you can finally let it go. Find your way toward the heart of Dr. Bates’ philosophy and learn or refine essential techniques you can use to improve your own eyesight.

We’ll include suggestions about how to keep your eyes relaxed at your computer. I will take some live questions, too. Registration is required. I hope you can attend! – Greg Marsh, Presenter


Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally

Discover the Powerful Secrets of Successful Vision Improvement

Wake up your eyes and your mind. Let go of "trying to see", release strained eye muscles, and reclaim your good vision. Go much deeper than "eye exercises" and learn the relaxing subtleties of the Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement.

Greg Marsh's fun and encouraging presentation style will help you regain trust in your eyes' natural ability to see.


The Bates Method

How a maverick eye-ear-nose-throat physician in the early 1900’s uncovered the secrets to natural vision improvement.

Dr. William Bates

What Our Customers Say

Better Eyesight Now

I am utterly amazed and delighted with the improvement in my vision due to your programme.

Maureen Hyman

Cambridge, Ontario Canada

Better Eyesight Now

Your CD course is a godsend. I sense that the benefits reach far past the eyes, into the mind and all of the being.

Nicolas Maranda

Montreal, Quebec

Better Eyesight Now

I am very excited about the results I’ve experienced from the methods I’ve learned from Greg.

J.B. Emanuel

Better Eyesight Now

My last prescription was -2.25 and -2.00 with slight astigmatism correction. My new prescription is -1.00 in both eyes. Feels amazing. I can see perfectly fine. I look forward to more improvement.

James Z.

Boulder, Colorado

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