Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally

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Discover the Powerful Secrets of Successful Vision Improvement

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Wake up your eyes and your mind. Let go of “trying to see”, release strained eye muscles, and reclaim your good vision. Go much deeper than “eye exercises” and learn the relaxing subtleties of the Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement. Greg Marsh’s fun and encouraging presentation style will help you regain trust in your eyes’ natural ability to see.

A breakthrough in Natural Vision Improvement Instruction. Most “eye exercises” programs fail in the essential goal of visual ease, which is necessary to see clearly. This program helps you absorb and implement the subtleties of the Bates Method that are hard to learn anywhere else.

For Nearsighted, Farsighted, Astigmatism, Presbyopia (reading glasses) and many other conditions.

Six Modules
7 hours total
60+ Tracks
63-page Guidebook
Easy to Follow

“Greg Marsh has a VERY good way of explaining the Bates Method, and the short tracks are easy to use. I’ve been introduced to this method in at least four different formats – group seminar, private lessons, another taped program, and reading a book – in the past, and never got out of it what Greg is presenting. The information is cumulative, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time at any one sitting, and the benefits range from clearer vision to relaxed neck, shoulder, back muscles and who knows what else?  :-)” – Betty Lewis, Milford, New Hampshire

“I have listened to all of the CD’s and practiced some of the techniques you describe and after 3 weeks discovered that my eyesight has improved … I’m thrilled!” – Carol Pretty, Alberta, Canada

“I enjoy and value your CD set. The content is intriguing and encouraging and, as you suggest, shares much in common with Yoga and meditation, which I practice. Your presentation style is clear, affirming, and effective. Thank you!” – Glen Fielding, Salem, Oregon

Guidelines for Hastening Your Progress:

  1. Treat Yourself to a deeply relaxing experience.
  2. Participate fully in all six Modules. Go at your own pace.
  3. Enjoy one of the fifteen “guided” activities each day.
  4. Discover time without glasses/reduced prescriptions multiplies progress.
  5. Explore the basics of natural vision improvement throughout your day.
  6. Confirm your progress and learn to trust in your vision!

Fascinating and easy to follow!

Module #1 – See with Ease:

Recognize strain you’ve never noticed in your eyes before, and easily let it go. Feel your eyes relaxing as you see more clearly.

Module #2 – Relax and Move:

Your eyes thrive on natural movement. You’ll see more and more clear “flashes” as you remember to keep your vision alive and moving.

Module #3 – Reawaken Clarity:

Add more techniques to your deepening understanding of the Bates Method. Watch strain give way to awe. This is the way to see clearly!

Module #4 – Mind and Body:

Discover how visual strain really extends all through the body. Headaches, tight shoulders, and back pain disappear as you let go of strain.

Module #5 – Seeing it Through:

Guidance with challenges, such as skeptical friends, doubtful eye doctors, and working at your computer. Powerful tools and visualizations.

Module #6 – Daily Vision Activators:

20 short follow-along activities to help you make a mind-body shift each day. Each track is like a tuning fork to bring you back.

62-Page Guidebook:

An inspiring compilation of techniques, with photos and guidelines. Also includes a great summary of how and why the Bates Method works.

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