Cataract Cures By Dr. Bates

woman eye drops

Dr. William H. Bates was quite surprised to discover that his techniques to relax and reactivate the vision could also dissolve cataracts. This article from Dr. Bates’ Better Eyesight Magazine gives an overview of his unfolding discoveries about cataracts. It is interesting to consider emotional factors that could help create cataract conditions (Louise Hay suggests…

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What We Believe Affects What We See

man thinking

It seems that all humans have “blind spots” in their belief systems, ideas we cling to even when evidence to the contrary is right in front of us. (I have to smile at my own lapses as an engineer!) Within established institutions popular beliefs often keep us in even more of a trance. This article…

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Examples of Quick Eyesight Cures

stop watch

Below are some wonderful cases of extremely fast eyesight cures and Dr. Bates’ surprising and insightful reactions to these special cases. These examples are probably too unique and creative to be called the “BatesMethod”. This article originally appeared in Dr.Bates’ Better Eyesight Magazines -gm Quick Cures By William H. Bates, M.D. QUICK cures are desirable.…

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Vision Problems And Confusion Vanish Together

confused woman

I admit I love all these stories from Dr. Bates! This one from the Better Eyesight Magazines says so much about not only how vision works, but also about how the human mind works. And how to regain faith in the mind when it doesn’t seem to be working right. Through relaxation of course, but…

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3 Ways To Improve Your Sight

dart board 3 darts

If you are familiar with the Bates Method, these three techniques or doorways will be familiar. However, this discussion raises many new fascinating and surprising points that may help you in your daily practice for faster vision improvement. This article originally appeared in Dr. Bates’ Better Eyesight Magazine – gm THREE THINGS WHICH WILL PRODUCE…

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Change Your Sight, Become Happier

happy woman

This article from Dr. Bates’ Better Eyesight Magazine includes observations by an unnamed 40-year-old school teacher, as she quickly improved her eyesight. As she let go of the visual strain, she happily notes that she became “more direct, more definite, less diffused, less vague… better centered”. Her words are from almost 90 years ago, but…

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Relax Your Eyes and Tease Your Mind with the Bates Method

Relax your eyes: Woman palming one eye

Allow Dr. Bates nourish and relax your eyes with The Bates Method resulting in an “ahah” of better vision. Notice how Bates demonstrates what works (rest, relaxation, palming, swinging, shifting, memory, imagination) and what does not work (effort, staring) to cleverly bring your mind around. His creative approach is very inspiring.  This article appeared in…

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Sudden Restoration Of Eyesight

happy man

I found an amazing story while looking in old articles from the New York Times. It’s from March 25, 1894, but it could just as easily happen today. MAN IS BLINDED BY ELECTRICAL FLASH “James Caulfield, who was stricken blind by a flash from the Brooklyn trolley wire Thursday afternoon, has recovered his sight. The…

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Distinct Vision Resolves Digestion, Headache, Back Problems


This eye-ear-nose-throat doctor got remarkable relief from several debilitating stress related conditions, including digestive problems, headache, and severe back pain. Dr. Stuart’s article below appeared in Dr. Bates’ Better Eyesight Magazine titled as “Experiences with Central Fixation”. He found the Bates concept and techniques for “central fixation” to be particularly calming and helpful. (Today most…

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Jump Out Of Your Glasses


Jump out of your glasses! The article below does not specifically mention eyesight improvement or the Bates Method, but it does convey many reasons why vision responds to rebounding. From his list of “30 Healthful Advantages of Regular Rebounding” in Table A, at least ten of them would clearly help the vitality of the eyes…

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