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How To Achieve Permanent Vision Improvement

Crystal Ball

This short article originally appeared in Dr. Bates’ Better Eyesight Magazine with the title “Permanent Improvement”. Many people have achieved reliable long-term eyesight improvement. However, many get substantial improvement but reach a plateau, and many get to “perfect” vision which comes and goes somewhat. This article is a simple reminder that our mind and vision…

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Eyesight Improvement Webinar Replay – Live Q&A

Replay of the December webinar. Watching or listening is a good way to deepen your understanding of what Dr. Bates really means by mental and visual relaxation, and how to get there yourself. This live Q&A includes the Bates Method and other approaches, with questions about nearsightedness, palming, eye strain from computers and driving, cataracts,…

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Eye Doctor Cures Own Sight

Dr. William Bates

This article from Dr. Bates’ Better Eyesight Magazines tells the story of a very farsighted ophthalmologist who fully regained clear eyesight after reading Dr. Bates’ book. He lived in Manhattan and was able to work personally with Dr. Bates as well.

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Is it Really Possible to Improve your Eyesight Naturally?

People with Multiple Personalities Can Change their Eyesight Spontaneously

Do you find it hard to believe you can improve your eyesight naturally? Most of us have been told that poor vision is due to poor genetics. Here is surprising evidence that glasses may not be so inevitable as we’ve been led to believe. People with Multiple Personalities Can Improve their Eyesight Spontaneously. Several studies…

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Read Tiny Print To Relax Your Eyes

magnifier glass

The article below combines two short entries by Dr. Bates from his Better Eyesight Magazines, originally titled “Fine Print a Benefit to the Eye” and “Facts Versus Theories”. I suggest that you print out the PDF link below, and find out for yourself how powerfully relaxing it can be to look at tiny print. The…

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Use of Imagination And Visualization To Cure Eyesight

Imagine John Lennon

Dr. Bates was in awe of the power of the imagination to cure eyesight conditions. He was doing this work in the early 20th century. Today’s results from “Visualization” closely parallel what Dr. Bates was discovering. If a person can visualize something clearly in their imagination they can jump-start the ability of the mind and…

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Imagination Is A Doorway To Perfect Eyesight

girl blowing bubbles

You already knew the imagination is a powerful tool. Here Dr Bates presents ways to aim the imagination into improving your eyesight. This article is from the Journal of the Allied Medical Associations of America, October, 1921. Read at 10th Annual Meeting, Allied Medical Associations of America, held in Atlantic City, June, 1921. IMAGINATION AND…

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Simply Move To See Better

girl running

Dr. Bates taught his patients the “swing” in various forms. The “long swing” and “short swing” are key techniques to help a person break the habit of staring and get their vision moving again. This article is about the “optical swing”, an essential natural expression that Dr. Bates found is always present in perfect vision.…

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Restore Your Sight Through Movement

girl on swing

This short article by Dr. Bates stresses the importance of movement for vision. This movement, or “oppositional movement”, is a visual illusion. But it is quite real as an essential ingredient of the Bates Method and of perfect eyesight. In other places Dr. Bates refers to this movement as the small swing. – gm See…

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