FREE WEBINAR REPLAYS: Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally - through Relaxation, Awareness, Imagination, and Belief

These Video Webinars will Help You Discover the Secrets of the Bates Method and Other Powerful Doorways to Vision Improvement

February, 2017 - 1hr 27 min, includes live Q&A

CONTENTS: Ten live questions with suggested techniques, covering issues from reading glasses, to nearsightedness, Lasik, floaters, and much more. Whatever your particular eyesight condition, you will get insights on how to improve it by following along. This is not a medical approach and is not intended to replace your doctor, it is more similar to yoga, Chi Gong and meditation. The Bates Method works by relaxing and vitalizing the eyes and mind, to achieve optimal functioning.



AUGUST, 2015 - 1hr 29 min, includes live Q&A

CONTENTS: Getting reduced prescriptions, reading glasses, effect of emotions, astigmatism, can eye "diseases" be reversed? and more



MARCH, 2015 - 1hr 15 min, includes live Q&A

CONTENTS: Effect of thoughts and emotions on eyesight; discover where you hold tension in your eyes and let it go; reversing high nearsightedness; healing eye diseases; help your eyes resolve an imperfect surgery; conjunctivitis, dry eyes, cataract, glaucoma, and more.


SEPTEMBER, 2014 - 1hr 19 min, includes live Q&A

CONTENTS: 20 minute warm-up followed by questions and discussion. Learn how and why movement is the essential centerpiece of visual relaxation. This webinar includes great insights about improving these conditions:nearsighted, reading glasses, astigmatism, properly aiming the eyes together, and more serious eye conditions requiring more urgent medical support, including macular problems.


APRIL, 2014 - in 7 Parts, includes live Q&A

CONTENTS: Easy to follow webinar about the Bates Method, including several live questions about specific Bates techniques and various eyesight conditions including eye diseases.


DECEMBER, 2013 - in 5 Parts, includes live Q&A

CONTENTS. Long Swing, Palm, Relax, Imagination, Cataract, Glaucoma, Learn the secrets of the Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement. It can help you restore easy clear eyesight with conditions as wide ranging as nearsightedness, reading glasses, and glaucoma.