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Visualize Clear Eyesight

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    Engage Your Mind to See:
    Guided visualizations to help you release physical and emotional "tight spots", and flood your mind with the expectant outcome of clear eyesight.

    You can accomplish the following when you listen:
    •    Relax more and more deeply
    •    Breathe more and more fully
    •    Release tight spots all through your body
    •    Feel intuitively why your vision became blurry
    •    Become increasingly aware of these factors through the day
    •    Notice your eyesight improving without effort or strain
    •    Notice your stress level and other symptoms improving
    •    Feel more hopeful if you’ve been diagnosed with an eye disease
    •    See changes whether you stay awake or fall asleep

    Track 1 Engage Your Imagination to See Clearly (5:23) - Introduction to help you get the most from these visualizations.
    Track 2 Short Version - Release Visual Blocks (10:29) - Great for a daytime break. Melt away stress, see more clearly.
    Track 3 Full Version - Release Visual Blocks (28:00) - Listen as you retire for the night. Wake up refreshed.

    45-Day Refund (shipping excluded) if you don't find this CD/program inspiring and helpful.
    Simply return the CD/program to the address given on our contact page.

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  • Other Details

    Features: 1 CD
    43 Minutes
    3 Tracks
    Content: Discover/Release Strain
    Guided Explorations
    Helpful for: Strain, which is
    a factor in most
    eye conditions
    Return Policy: 45 Day Full Refund