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Relax Your Way to Clearer Sight

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    "I love your meditations, your soothing voice, and the way you have put all your knowledge together - well done!!"

    Close your eyes - listen, and relax.
    Let go of strain - Remind your mind, eyes, neck, and shoulders to relax
    Listen daily - Learn new habits and let go of strain. Guided visualizations range from 7 to 25 minutes
    Drift off to sleep – The last track is 25 minutes, extra-long and extra-relaxing!
    Great Gift for stressed friends who wears glasses!
    Helpful for headaches, neck & back pain, and other stress-related conditions.

    CD 1 – Feel Strain & Let it Go (51.95 minutes)
    1. The Easy Way to Improve Sight
    2. How to Let Go of Stress
    3. Relax for Whole Body Seeing
    4. Feel Your Eyes
    5. Find and Release Visual Strain
    6. Encouragement for Eye Disease

    CD 2 – Dive Deeper into Relaxation (54.28 minutes)
    1. Beautiful Breathing and Blinking
    2. Your Eyes Love to Move
    3. Palming to Deeply Relax
    4. Dive Deeper into Relaxation 

    45-Day Refund (shipping excluded) if you don't find this CD/program inspiring and helpful.
    Simply return the CD/program to the address given on our contact page.

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  • Other Details

    Features: 2 CD's
    1.7 Hours
    10 Tracks
    Content: Emotional Factors
    Postural Factors
    Discover/Release Stain
    Guided Exploration
    Helpful for: Strain, which is
    a factor in most
    eye conditions
    Return Policy: 45 Day Full Refund