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     Rebound to Improve Your Vision
    Rebounding Supports the Bates Method of Relaxing and Moving the Eyes

    trampoline-greg.gif• Made in USA!
    • Lowest price allowed
    • Voted best bounce*
    • Vision activities incl.
    • Improves your mood
    • Book, video, & bag incl.

    Finding the perfect rebounder: Many years ago I read about the amazing health effects of rebounding. I got a cheap rebounder and was hooked. But there were two problems.
    Problem #1: After a few months a spring broke. Soon more springs broke. I bought another rebounder. Same problem. After awhile I found a rebounder made with bungee cords, but the jump quickly became soggy. I went through several more rebounders. Merchants always agreed, their rebounder should not be breaking so soon. My jumping wasn't that aggressive, they just had poor designs.
    Problem #2: Wow! I didn't know about the second problem until I tried a heavy duty rebounder. It was so much more sturdy and the deeper jump felt wonderful, like the difference between driving an economy verses a luxury car.
    Needak vs. Rebound-Air: Both Needak and Rebound-Air have a heavier steel frame, huge wide-body springs, and ultra-durable mats. Both offer folding models that are just as strong and easy to store.
    Needak is my choice: First I got a Rebound-Air. I still have it, and it's great. But I like the bounce of the Needak rebounder better and all but one Reclaim Your Eyesight workshops participants have preferred the Needak rebounder.*
    Made in USA!: Needak rebounder is made in the USA, in Nebraska. The Rebound-Air is made in China.
    Rebounding without Glasses
    : The Bates Method is all about movement and ease. Optometrist Jacob Liberman, author of "Take Off Your Glasses and See" had his biggest breakthough while using a rebounder. Special rebounding vision activities included.
    Other Benefits: NASA tests show that rebounding burns more calories than running. Mort Walker reported aches, pains, and diseases get better.
    Included with Your Rebounder: Free DVD video, "Immune System". Al Carter demonstrates the rebounder and explains why it helps your immune system - $20.00 value. Free reprint article, "Aerobic Resistance Rebounding" by Dr. Tina Wellman
    Folding Rebounder Option (Recommended):  The folding version is just as sturdy, and it's a LOT easier to store. Both units are 40 inches across and 10 inches high on very stable legs. $7 cheaper to ship the folding model.
    Optional Stabilizer Bar: The optional stabilizer bar slips on over two of the legs. It's great for people who are older or less stable or for someone who wants to bounce more passively while watching TV.
    Optional Heavy Duty Model: The heavy duty model is for people over 300 pounds. For most people the regular models will have a more enjoyable bounce.
    Reviews: 5-star rating on, but please come back to order so you can get the rebounder vision activities! Our price matches the lowest price.
    Shipping: Rebounders usually ship the next day by UPS ground from the Needak factory in O'Neill, Nebraska.
    Warranty:  To date - no customer problems or returns!
    Upon ordering your warranty will automatically be registered with Needak.
    Warranty for home use:
    Lifetime: Frame, frame hinges, platform pins, and leg tubes
    5 years: Mat, mat cleats, and spring pins
    2 years: Mat springs, leg tips, leg springs, and safety spring cover is an Authorized Retailer of Needak® rebounders. Needak® Manufacturing shares no ownership interest in and has no responsibility or control over content, opinions, or healthcare advice presented or any financial or personal data collected through this website. Needak® is a registered Trademark of Needak® Manufacturing, LLC O'Neill, NE USA

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