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Pinhole Glasses

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    Pinhole Glasses
    * Training wheels for your eyes
    * Sharpen vision without glasses
    * Relax eyes (for most people)
    * Promote movement
    * Reduce staring

    How they work
    The placement and size of the holes turn blurry images into focused ones for most people, whether nearsighted, farsighted, presbyopic (middle aged vision), or astigmatic.  They are also very helpful for cataracts to avoid annoying reflections from the sun. Pinhole Glasses correct blurry vision by directing light rays onto the retina at the back of the eye without the use of a lens. They also usually reduce eye strain, relax eye muscles, and help break the habit of strain needed to see clearly through prescription glasses.

    Do NOT drive with pinholes, or do other things that require good peripheral vision for safety! The single most popular use of pinholes is for watching TV and movies. From there, explore reading, computer, walking (not in traffic), and other activities. Most people wear them a few minutes to a few hours per day.

    Aviator style pinholes are well made and have emedded wires in the ear pieces to bend to fit your face. They have smaller holes, which correct up to about 6 diopters. Above that starts to get blurry, but even people with very high prescriptions often like the pinholes to see somewhat clearer without their glasses.
    Wrap-around pinholes are more stylish. They have larger holes which provide less correction for distance and don't require as much background light. They are great for mild vision problems and work on a computer because the larger holes make it easier to follow the mouse cursor. They have no wires in the ear pieces but have a nice springy fit. A lot of people like them for reading, even higher nearsighted people.
    Why consider both pairs? To give yourself more options to spend time without glasses. We offer these pinholes because many sellers sell only big hole pinholes with the aviator style frame (the $10 pairs on ebay have big holes, no wires to adjust fit, and are very cheaply made). Most people who try both prefer the smaller holes, at least with the aviator style. But for a few reasons, quite a lot of people do like the wrap-arounds with the bigger holes. They have a pleasing fit and feel. and the way they catch the light makes them look like sunglasses, whereas in the aviator style you will look like a human fly.

    Are the holes annoying? After a short adjustment period most people no longer notice the holes. The pinholes support good vision habits because they require you to move and practice "centralized" vision.


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