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Archive - Improve Your Eyesight with the Bates Method
FREE Online Class :
Experience a Sense of Ease and Clarity in Your Vision During this Class
Thurs March 21, 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific
An Online Class by Greg Marsh

Archive - Natural Vision Improvement 101
Thurs Oct 11 Archive Link
An Online Class by Greg Marsh

Archive - Are Reading Glasses Inevitable as We Age?
Presented on BlogTalkRadio - ARCHIVE LINK
Our culture has a strong collective belief that eyesight for reading will diminish as we reach middle age. Is this a genetic inevitability? Archive Link:
BlogTalk Radio Link

Archive - Free Online Class - Improve Your Vision Naturally
"Dissolve Eye Strain at Your Computer" - ARCHIVE
Presented by Greg Marsh on BlogTalk Radio
Use player at left, select program, play
Discover for yourself that you can improve your vision naturally by properly relaxing your eyes and mind. Includes questions from callers during the last portion of the class
Dr. Pat show interview KKNW Seattle 1150 AM  (3/30/2011) Very popular radio show in the Seattle area. Discussion of how pinhole glasses can help, and why you can improve your vision.
Wellness Revolution interview series  (6/24/2011) Adoley Odunton is an amazing interviewer and we covered a lot of ground.This recording is broken down into easy-to-play subject areas.
has appeared on broadcast radio shows, online radio shows, wellness program series, and Tele-Classes. When possible he enjoys taking questions from listeners.  Examples include:
    The Wellness Revolution
    Living Energy Secrets
    The Dr. Pat Show
    EFT Radio
    Blog Talk Radio Shows
    Self-Hosted Video Webinars (YouTube)

No medical advice is given, but rather examples of people who have found success improving their eyesight with natural methods.