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  • Seeing.org
    Based in UK, excellent resource site about Natural Vision Improvement. Contains a lot of information and links. You can surf from here in many directions to follow your interest.
  • I-See.org
    Another resource site for information about the Bates Method and other angles and approaches to eyesight improvement. Includes a page with various printable eye charts, useful to gage your progress. Eye charts are also helpful for some people to practice "shifting" and "sketching". However, others find that eye charts remind them too much of straining at the eye doctor's office and at school. This is one more example of exploring to find out what will help you personally to improve your sight.
  • iBlindness.org
    This site has a wonderful collection of articles and links about the classical Bates Method. By "iblindness", the site sponsor refers to imagination blindness, an important hint into the rich and creative Bates Method.
  • JanetGoodrichMethod.com
    Natural Vision Improvement in Australia. Carina Goodrich worked closely with her mother Dr. Janet Goodrich, and now carries on this approach merging the Bates method with emotional healing. Carina offers tele-class seminars so you don't have to travel to Australia!
  • Eye Disease - VisionworksUSA.com
    Link to the eye diseases page on this website run by Optometrist Marc Grossman. He has been sincerely involved in natural vision improvement for many years. The site offers cutting edge nutritional solutions that have been found to help various eye diseases. They also offers microstimulation articles and equipment. Microstimulation has caused a majority of study participants with macular degeneration to see additional lines on the eyechart. Microstimulation is very new, so look for an open-minded ophthalmologist with direct experience or one who is willing to read the studies posted on this site.
  • Eye Disease - HealingtheEye.com
    Dr Edward Kondrot rounds out his medical background with classical homeopathy and other natural approaches. Based in Phoenix, they offer phone support and 3-day programs on site.
  • TheJourney.com
    "The Journey" is one of the new energy psychology emotional healing approaches. It is a ceative one or two hour process that can help cleanse and forgive old wounds without having to analyze what happened. It has helped people with many problems including cancer and other serious diseases. Many have noticed better eyesight after doing a "journey". Read the book and then try it with a friend who you trust. Or attend one of their excellent weekend retreats.
  • EmoFree.com
    Presents the "emotional freedom technique" or "EFT". It involves tapping acupuncture meridians along your body, with other simple steps to let go of emotional roots of disease or phobias. It is simple, kind of fun, and takes only a few minutes. EFT has been successful helping afflictions from diabetes to post-traumatic stress syndrome and fear of heights. Several studies have shown some improvement for eyesight. Download the free 80 page manual, subscribe to the inspiring free newsletter, and consider getting the incredibly inexpensive CD or DVD learning package.
  • BodyTalk, another energy psychology approach
    Another powerful "energy psychology" approach called BodyTalk. Like EFT it helps to break up old belief and emotional patterns for holistic healing, including eyesight. Dr. Jean Brisson, a Northern Colorado practicioner.
  • SelfGrowth.com
    SelfGrowth.com is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.
  • TerriHager.com
    Terri and I found a lot of common ground about letting go of strain rather than trying to add solutions. She uses various techniques to facilitate the energetic release of beliefs and emotions that block one's true healthy self at the core. Located in South Carolina and also works by phone.

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