Eyesight Webinar Replay - 48 Hours - Private Page

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Chicago Weekend Workshop, Sept 30 - Oct 1

"Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally"
  -- Early Registration savings thru Sept 17
  -- Save if you bring other family members or friends or re-taking workshop

Vision Coach Training & Certification, Starts Jan 9, 2018
Held at the Redondo Beach Hotel, across street from the Pier
  -- Learn the Bates Method, with EFT and guided visualization
  -- Improve your own eyesight with this training

VIDEO WEBINAR -- 48 Hour Replay 
Fresh look at Bates Method techniques, pinhole glasses, rebounders:

Thanks to all who attended the webinar and especially those who shared their experience or asked questions. This webinar gives a fresh look at the Bates Method and key Bates techniques, plus how to use pinhole glasses and rebounders.

If you are new to Natural Eyesight Improvement the webinar replay will point you toward relaxation in seeing, the heart of the Bates Method. If you are already improving your eyesight the replay will provide fresh inspiration for a new breakthrough!

Greg Marsh