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Chicago Weekend Workshop Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2017

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    UPDATE Sept 16 -- We still have spots available for the workshop. Also the hotel is holding the room rates for us until at least Sept 17. If you have any questions about the workshop you can reach us through our contact page or by phone at +1 970-224-5754.


    Find a Breakthrough at the Reclaim Your Eyesight Workshop  - 5 Minute Video

    Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally Workshop
    Chicago, Sat-Sun, Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2017 

    Special Rate $80/Night*
    Marriott Courtyard, Chicago-Arlington Heights North/Wilke Rd 

    (Workshop location is also at the hotel)
    Presented by Greg Marsh, Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2017
    9am - 6pm Saturday; 9am - 4pm Sunday

    • To Get $80 special rate at Mariott Courtyard
      Call hotel at (847)394-9999
      , ask for "Better Eyesight Now" Weekend Workshop rate
    • Group rate is good for reservations made through Sept 16; after that check with us, we may be holding a couple of rooms, 970-224--5754
    • Airports: 19 miles from O'Hare; Midway Airport is 43 miles
    • Cab: from O'Hare is about $40, Click here for a cheaper flat rate service, also Uber tends to be cheaper.

    (And maybe even change the way you "see" your life!)

    • Learn and explore hard-to-discover secrets of the amazing Bates Method
    • Relax your whole being in order to relax your eyes
    • Find where you hold strain and how to let it go
    • Dissolve emotional blocks to seeing with EFT "tapping"
    • See encouraging "flashes" of clearer sight
    • Guided visualizations to take into your sleep
    • How to craft affirmations to accelerate your progress
    • How to get reduced prescriptions from your eye doctor
    • Go home with tools and techniques that work for YOU


    • Useful for nearsightedness, farsightedness, "middle-age" reading vision, astigmatism, and other conditions. Dissolve some of the fear of eye diseases to restore vitality and promote healing. This approach is not medical, it is more like meditation and yoga. You will be learning the Bates Method and other natural approaches for vision improvement.
    • Typical Chicgo weather for early October is high-60's and partly cloudy. Casual dress is recommended. Weather permitting we will go outside for a bit to "stretch our eyes".
    • Frequent breaks and visual movement techniques. We'll do a bit of stretching and easy movements. You can opt out of anything that feels awkward or unsafe for you.
    • Light snacks, coffee, and tea provided.
    • Lunch - We will offer a delivery from a deli  Or bring a lunch.
    • Other food - Whole Foods is 4 miles, easy Uber ride. We are checking out other restaurants, or explore with google maps.


    Greg strives for a safe group setting where you can set aside your glasses for the weekend (or keep them nearby if you prefer!). He brings a hands-on learning approach rich with analogies, metaphors, and humor. His teaching approach is founded in 25-years of studying and teaching martial art and meditation, plus various other alternative health approaches, infused into the powerful Bates Method and Natural Vision Improvement techniques. (Fun fact: When he was younger, Greg was an engineer in wastewater treatment, renewable resources, and energy conservation. He worked in industry, government, and self-employed consulting.)

    The workshop covers a lot, but in a deeply relaxing way. Many people find these workshops to be life-changing. As you "see" more clearly with your eyes, you will likely see more clearly and optimistically where your life is headed. You may feel like you've just had a vacation and have a whole new "look" at life.


    • “It helps so much to have the support of a group, all working towards the same goal, and Greg's warmth, humor and insight make the class special. His method is not a series of exercises -- it is a gentle path to learning a new way of being.”
    • “A perfect mix of inspiration and practical techniques. I have proven to myself I can get rid of reading glasses. This faith in my eyes is a real breakthrough.”
    • "I have only used my glasses for driving since the workshop. I am seeing much more clearly and expect to pass my next drivers license test without glasses."
    • "This is amazing. The double vision is essentially gone now. The workshop helped me 'see' and let go of what was really causing it. Goodbye dreaded prism glasses!" 

    WORKSHOP Q&A: Go to the bottom of the FAQ page.

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