Webinar Replay - Dissolve Thoughts and Emotions that Affect Eyesight

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Here's a replay of an Eyesight Improvement Webinar. It includes video of Greg Marsh, plus several live participants to explore the Bates Method for various conditions. Some of the areas covered include: nearsighted, reading glasses, astigmatism, extreme myopia, strabismus (crossed eye), cataract, optic nerve atrophy, palming (Bates long swing), swinging (Bates long swing), and guided visualizations.

If you are interested in attending one of Greg Marsh's workshops or trainings to learn the Bates Method and Natural Vision Improvement, this video especially will give you a glimpse of how he presents the subject. He believes it is crucial to avoid the idea of eye exercises and other "willpower" approaches to healing your own eyes. The eyes are not lazy; instead they have been working too hard. Your eyes really just want to relax but have forgotten how. Greg's approach is to help the eyes feel appreciated, safe, relaxed, and confident.

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