Video - Get More Results from Bates Method Palming, with Less Effort

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If you found your way to this blog article, you are probably already familiar with the Bates Method. And, you probably know that "Palming" is Dr. Bates' most well-known technique. 

You have likely tried palming at least once, maybe even practiced it regularly for months or years. Many people have "beginner's luck" and get initial flashes of clarity but then their luck runs out. No amount of effort seems to help them make significant further progress. Ah, but wait a minute... the "effort" may be the problem! Here is what an original teacher of Bates Method had to say:

"Vision should come to the eye as effortlessly as scent to the nostrils, music to the ear, touch of velvet to the fingertips."  - Margaret Corbett

Would you like to feel "effortlessness" and ease in your vision? In your life? The ten minute video above gives you often-missed points about palming that will help you discover the ease that Dr. Bates promises.