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Webinar Replay - The Secret to Clear Eyesight - Imagination

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Real eyesight improvement with the Bates Method takes more than just "doing" palming, sunning and swinging. This video webinar will help you infuse these Bates Method techniques with imagination and intention, to help relax your eyes so they can see naturally again. This is a replay from our February 2018 webinar.

Greg Marsh of shows you Bates Techniques, then takes live questions from webinar participants to help you get a fuller understanding of how to apply them to improve your own vision. Here is a summary of items discussed. Many thanks to Pat, Meredith, Susie, Deborah, and Sabrina for your great questions and discussions!

I try to steer the webinars a bit, but each one seems to take on its own theme... because of the great questions from partipants. The main theme of this webinar was how to use imagination to deepen the Bates techniques of eyesight improvement. Please watch it, and let me know how you like it or what else you'd like in future webinars. -Greg