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Best Books to Learn the Bates Method

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You may like this video which is borrowed from the Vision Coach Training Program:

It's a review of several wonderful books that we refer to in the Vision Coach Training Program. Most of them are perspectives on how a person can use the Bates Method to help nearsightedness, reading vision, astigmatism, crossed eyes, cataracts, and much more.

Two of the books are not about the Bates Method, but are essential for the Vision Coach Training. "Heal Your Body" by Louise Hay helps you discover thoughts, stress, or emotions that may be affecting your eyesight, and how to dissolve them. Also "Coaching Plain and Simple" gives powerful suggestions of how to tap into successes you've already had in other areas. These successes can be aimed into healing the eyes.

The above video also gives a peek into the Training. We use a combination of in-person and live video classes, along with "buddy coaching" with classmates, and various short videos like this one to cover material and keep it interesting. The Training is centered around the Bates Method, and includes EFT "tapping" and guided visualizations to help reduce stress and other emotions.

You can learn more about the Natural Vision Coach Training and Certification at this link: