Best Webinar Yet! -- Replay Now Available

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Thanks to everyone who attended this webinar, for your great participation and excellent questions and discussions. It will give you a really good sense of how to properly apply the Bates Method, even if you have a different eyesight condition than the ones we covered. If you even watch the first few minutes it will help you get in the "swing" of things. (Yes, the "swing" is a key Bates technique that most people misunderstand, thinking it's just a physical exercise.)

Want to Dive in Deeper? 

Consider attending one of my workshops or training and certification programs to go deeper into the Bates Method and Natural Vision Improvement. The webinar video will give you a feel for my presentation style. I aim for an engaging and fun setting where the eyes can feel appreciated, safe, relaxed, and confident. Then a breakthrough can happen. We will explore a range of Bates Method techniques, plus visualizations and EFT "tapping". 

The workshop will give you a full immersion experience and a sense of what approach will work best for you personally. 

The training goes much deeper, and provides a lot of experience and confidence working with classmates as "buddy coaches", then going the next step with "practice coaching" sessions with people in your own city or by phone or Skype. Several days in person helps build trust within the group, then we continue online. We use a very powerful and simple coaching approach, and you will learn how to use visualization and EFT to melt away emotions or doubts so the Bates techniques can be more effective. You will be certified as a Natural Vision Teacher and Coach when you complete the buddy coaching and practice coaching requirements. (Certification is not required, for instance if you just want to work with family members.)