How to Achieve Permanent Vision Improvement Helpful clues from Dr. William H. Bates, about how to sustain clarity long term.


Proof that Eyesight Can Change with Thoughts and Emotions
Genetics may not be the limiting factor in blurry eyesight.



 More Imagination Eyesight Breakthroughs Several examples of imagination "ahah's" which cause a sudden improvement in eyesight.


Use of Imagination and Visualization to Cure Eyesight
Dr. Bates found imagination to be the centerpiece of seeing clearly. Read these examples of visualizing and then seeing clearly.

Read Tiny Print to Relax Your Eyes
Small print relaxes eyes according to Dr. William H Bates. A Really Fast Way to Relax Your Eyes.


Imagination is a Doorway to Perfect Eyesight
You already knew the imagination is a powerful tool. Here are some ways to aim it into improving your eyesight.

Simply Move to See Better
This article is about the "optical swing", an essential natural expression that Dr. Bates found is always present in perfect vision.

Restore Your Sight through Movement
In this short article Dr. Bates says, "The world moves. Let it move."


Cataract Cures by Dr. Bates
Dr. Bates was quite surprised to discover that his techniques to relax and reactivate the vision could also dissolve cataracts.


What We Believe Affects What We See
Eyes see but mind doubts. It seems that all humans have "blind spots" in their belief systems, ideas we cling to even when evidence to the contrary is right in front of us.


Examples of Quick Eyesight Cures
Some wonderful cases of extremely fast eyesight cures and Dr. Bates’ surprising and insightful reactions to these special cases.


3 Ways to Improve Your Sight
Fascinating and surprising twists on three of the essential Bates Method techniques.

Vision Problems and Confusion Vanish Together
Besides vision problems this man had episodes where his mind would just go haywire. A surgeon himself, he'd gotten no help from all the specialists. He came to Dr. Bates as a last resort.


Change Your Sight, Become Happier
A forty-year-old school teacher's nearsightedness and astigmatism disappeared in 10 weeks; she also felt happier and more resilient.


Tease Your Mind, Nourish Your Sigh
Creatively relax the eyes and get them moving Let this simple dialog with Dr. Bates tease your mind and your eyes into an "ahah" of clear vision.


Distinct Vision Resolves Digestion, Headache, Back Problems
This medical doctor found great relief with a few Bates techniques.


 Jump Out of Your Glasses Rebounding for easy better health. One of the great holistic doctors describes the low-effort and stunning results from rebounding.


Relax Your Eyes in 60 Seconds with this Breathing Technique
Clearer sight and a sense of well-being. 


A Skeptic Dives In
This woman gives many clues about how to proceed.


How to Drop Mental Strain
Eye strain Natural Vision techniques can ease severe cases of mental strain.




Bates Method Overview Imagine going through your day seeing clearly without glasses or surgery.




Extreme Nearsightedness Reversed
Nearsighted Diagram This reversal of extreme nearsightedness in 2 weeks shows the vital role of belief and conviction.


Be Comfortable, See Better

Lady in a hammock Do people with perfect sight feel more "comfortable"?


The Truth About Fatigue
This man is fatigued by eyestrain This article will change how you think about fatigue.



How to Remove Tension from the Eyes and Elsewhere
Eye Strain Using subtle body awareness to release tension...






How Stress Affects Eyesight
Eyesight and Stress Ways we respond to school demands and later job stresses, can affect our sight.


True Relaxation - What is it?
True Relaxation Natural vision improvement includes an odyssey exploring what it means to truly relax your mind.


Relax Your Vision in Five Minutes
Relaxing Exercise A quick and simple taste of what it means to "relax your vision".


Why Are Some Things Clearer Than Others?
A blurry/clear picture Even in your blur range, you may see a familiar and comfortable item clearly. Why?


What the Bates Method Entails
Dr. William H. Bates Read this article for a quick sense of how and why Natural Vision Improvement works.


Instant Eyesight Cure for 55 Year Old Man
Old man's eyes A 30 year case of nearsightedness reversed in 15 minutes.



Breaking Medical Models
Broken medical model This "medically impossible" eyesight cure is valuable because it was closely studied by research authorities.



Can You Improve Your Sight?
Sunrise image A short, thought-provoking introduction to natural vision improvement.


A Child's Quick Success with Natural Vision Improvement
Small child wearing glasses An inspiring story about a 10 year old girl showing the importance of faith, enthusiasm, imagination, and joy.


Stunning Improvements in Vision with Simple Postural Changes
Posture positions Dr. Bates was on the constant lookout for simple and natural ways to improve the sight.



Another Look into Relaxation
Relaxing in business suit More clues about how to relax your mind and your vision...


Holiday Fairies Steal Glasses!
Glasses stolen by holiday fairies These holiday fairies were mischievous, and kind...


Concentration - Strain on the Mind, Bad for Vision
Mind massage Find out how "concentration" and staring can inhibit vision... read more...


How to Practice to Improve Your Sight
Unsure on how to improve eyesight How to incorporate Natural Vision Improvement in your already-full life... 


Eye Doctor Cures Own Sight
Bates Method works for Eye Doctor "Dr. Bates work has changed me from an old man of 48 to a young man of 50."


 Simple Ways to Get More from Palming 
Creative suggestions from Dr. Bates to speed you progress


Essential Technique: Palming Survey Results

Responses to our 12-question survey, "Palming: What are Your Experiences?"


Palming Requires Letting Go
Palming technique Five simple "demonstrations" to help you better understand palming.


How to Palm for Relaxed Vision
Palming for relaxed vision Simple instructions for palming, a powerful and essential technique of natural vision improvement.